Final Images of China
    and its People
His occupation is Fortune Teller, as the sign clearly indicates.  
An important function at a Hong Kong Taoist Temple.
My Shanghai hotel was in the middle of an ordinary
neighborhood.  Both this man and young woman posed for
the camera.  She had a small florist shop.
Silkworms are still raised in China.  However, their
lives are sacrificed to harvest the silk from cocoons.
I took the woman's picture in Suzhou.  He was a
doorman at a Xi'an hotel, dressed in a period costume
suggesting a long ago dynasty that once ruled China.
Also in Xi'an, this man and his child have the
perfect bicycle built for two.  But I bet they
really want a car.  Such is modern China.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free film of this trip by clicking on:
The Last Emperor's Home Video