Fast Food and the New China
Soon much of urban China will look like this.  It's an
industrial development/modernization zone in Shanghai.
Old China is being demolished and will not survive.
Sidewalk vendors near our Shanghai hotel cooked and sold
traditional Chinese fast food.  They have real competition.
Colonel Sanders statues are everywhere, as Kentucky
Fried Chicken continues its conquest of China.
This three-story Kentucky Friend Chicken outlet in
central Beijing was the chain's largest when it opened in
the 1980s.  The lines were so long that uniformed guards
had to maintain order.  It was still crowded in 1996.
McDonald's is fighting back.  There is nothing
more Chinese now than the golden arches, with
the possible exception of Coca-Cola.
With all the banners in Chinese it's hard to tell, but
here is the opening of a new McDonald's in Shanghai.  
This is what the future holds for modern Chinese cuisine.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free film of this trip by clicking on:
The Last Emperor's Home Video