Portraits of Old China
The Giant Panda is a symbol of China, but is in danger due to
destruction of its natural environment.  Another victim of
China's modernization.  This Panda lives in the Beijing Zoo.
Beijing Opera is a Chinese cultural tradition.  This
was a martial arts fighting version that looks great
on my video.  The singing was thankfully omitted.
Traditional Chinese medicine.  This is cupping, which
helped relieve arthritis in the shoulder of this tourist
from our group who volunteered for the treatment.
Shanghai's Yuyuan Gardens survive the modernization
which has transformed this city into an engine for
economic development.
Nearby is the Huxing Ting Teahouse, another Shanghai
survivor from old China which avoided demolition.
It seemed that every Chinese used a bike on my first visit in
1988.  Most still do.  This is a giant Shanghai bicycle parking
lot.  But by 1996 cars were everywhere, competing with the
bikes, leading to pollution and traffic jams.  Progress.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free film of this trip by clicking on:
The Last Emperor's Home Video