Highlights of Iceland and Table of Contents
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watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's complete,
free video of this trip, "Land of Lava, Waterfalls
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Reykajavik is Iceland's capital.  The city landmark is this
church, whose name provides a great introduction to the
Icelandic language: Hallgrimskirkja.
Iceland is home to an endless number of waterfalls, and
those I photographed look better in video than stills.  This is
Faxi, first waterfall I encountered, from a great vantage point
above its wide display.  Spray from any waterfall getting on
the lens is a great threat to cameras.  Very safe here.
With so many volcanoes, Iceland is covered with both ancient
and recent fields of lava.  This giant piece of lava, a survivor
many thousands of years old, is at the beach.
Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajojokull, is so massive that many
of the glacier's arms have their own names.  I got the tour van
to stop for this picture of a glacier face.
Iceland Table of Contents