Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos
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Former Capital of Thailand, 1350-1767
The remnants of Thai glory remain at the former
capital of Ayuthaya, about 60 miles from Bangkok.  
Ayuthaya was conquered by Burma, and never
rebuilt, as Bangkok became the new capital.  Parts
of Ayuthaya survived, and its style of architecture
continued in Bangkok on an even grander scale.
Ayuthaya's most famous survivor is this head of Buddha
preserved in the roots of a tree.  The temple that used
to stand here was destroyed by the Burmese.
This Buddhist Temple, Wat Na Phra Meru, was
already 200 years old when it survived the Burmese
conquest and sacking of Ayuthaya in 1767.
Inside the temple is a gigantic golden Buddha
from the era of Ayuthaya splendor.
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