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Bryce Canyon National Park offers one of the world's
most astounding views from its rim.  These formations
were produced by erosion, since unlike the Grand Canyon,
no river carved out Bryce.  Trying to do Bryce justice in
my video was a true challenge.      
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Bryce Canyon National Park
Closer looks at these rock sculptures, known as
hoo-doos, were also interesting.  I'm still on the rim.
A dramatic angle for Bryce rock.
These cracks suggested a possible lack of stability.
Bryce's hiking trails revealed that the park formations are
interesting from every vantage point, including the canyon
floor, where this shot was taken.  A fun hike filled with
photo opportunities made Bryce even more special.  There
is no good reason for a Bryce visitor to stay on the rim,
since the trails in and out of the canyon are fairly short.  
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